Hire the best Pre wedding Photographers in Chennai from us!
Pre wedding photographers in Chennai

Hire the best Pre-wedding photographers in Chennai from us!

As the season of wedding prevails, it brings the essence of togetherness that deserves to be captured for eternity.

We at Candid Red Studio have the best Pre-wedding photographers in Chennai who are waiting to skillfully capture all the beautiful moments shared between the to-be-wed couple.

Before a couple gets hitched, they want to celebrate their budding romance which they can cherish after years of staying in the bond of marriage.

Our Pre-wedding shoot cost Chennai is also going to fit your budget properly!

Here is what we offer for Pre-wedding photoshoot Chennai

Theme and Concept

Both outdoor and indoor Pre-wedding shoot locations in Chennai

Selection of dress and makeup

Framing candid pictures

Picture editing

Both hard and soft copy of the photographs

These are few of the things that we come forward and offer.

As wedding is a union between two people who are willing to take the vows of being together for the rest of their lives, we offer different types of photoshoot

Couple Pre-wedding photography Chennai

Couple and friends photoshoot Chennai

Couple and family photo shoot in Chennai

*We make sure to click all the pictures at the best place for a pre-wedding photo shoot in Chennai. Our team only thrives to give you the best; hence we never compromise on the quality of a picture.

Pre wedding shoot
pre wedding photoshoot

Couple Pre-wedding photoshoot Chennai

We at Candid Red Studio try to reflect the blooming romance and budding happiness between two people.

What we have for the couple:

We try to portray their story

This is mostly based on the theme that they are looking for. This can be dream, fairytale, fun, Rom-Com, sensual, passion and more. This theme is going to depict the persona of the couple.

Our Pre-wedding shoot locations in Chennai is going to reflect their story best as well as support the theme properly.

Our pre-wedding shoot is new and refreshing

Our team likes to think out of the box. We have a team of creative heads who have a knack for identifying the correct poses and add more life to the picture.

We also make uphold that our Pre-wedding photographers in Chennai ensure to make the couple feel comfortable.

Couple and friends photoshoot Chennai

Every love story has some special friends who inevitably play a very important part!

Candid Red Studio believes that they deserve to be a part of the photo and make sure that they remain a memorable part of the journey.

We also plan our Pre-wedding photoshoot price in Chennai so that you don’t have to skip this integral fun part of the shoot! To us, your happiness matters the most!

However, if you think that Pre-wedding shoot cost in Chennai is going to burn a hole in your pocket then you are absolutely wrong. Our wedding package prices are very affordable.

We are willing to make your D-day even better!

Our pre-wedding photographers in Chennai have some excellent theme that will go very well with friends –

The third wheel

It is that one friend who ultimately helped you to realize how beautiful a couple you are. He or she deserves that special place in the picture that helped to motor your relationship.

Best men

Men and their friends should not be parted away and a pre-wedding bachelor picture is one thing that they deserve.


If the groom is surrounded by friends, our bride will be no less! We have some impeccable Pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Chennai that are perfect for the bride to pose with her gang.

These small memories are going to be the one that people will cherish for a long time in their lives.

With soon-to-be-weds!

We want to capture moments of joy and bliss that the couple has and how they shine together among their friends. These little moments of happiness are going to bring them together as a well celebrated their relationship.

Another thing that is going to take you by surprise is our Pre wedding photoshoot price in Chennai! Our pre wedding photoshoot packages are the best.

Couple and family photo shoot in Chennai

Marriage is not only a union between two people, it is also a union oftwo families that will share and spark a bond of love and respect.

How we select Pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Chennai?

Candid Red Studio has very creative pre wedding photographers in Chennai who are surely going to make the photograph reflect the warmth that they share as a family.

We count the number of family members

Our team decides on the theme

The photographers plan the picture and how the family members are supposed to stand

We will also decide on the color coordination

Our team prefers clicking on natural light for outdoor shoots and for indoor we bring our own setup

Our Pre-wedding shoot cost in Chennai is inclusive of all the other costs. We charge nothing extra and there are no hidden charges.

Why is Candid Red studio best for you?

We are here to sprinkle charm and create moments of magic that will sway you off your feet with happiness.

Here are the other reasons why we will serve you the best:

Our pre-wedding photographers in Chennai have years of experience in this field

We have one of the best team of professionals working with us

Candid Red Studio is very particular about delivering their work on time

We offer the best price quote

By now you must have understood the true meaning and importance of creating memories. Candid Red Studio firmly believes that the memories captured by us will serve as a reminder of the bond which you share with your partner. If you want to recreate the moments which will be worth cherishing for the rest of your life, it is time you contact us soon for pre-wedding photo shoot Chennai.