Outdoor Photoshoot in Chennai
Outdoor Photoshoot in Chennai

Professional Outdoor Photoshoot in Chennai

Outdoor photoshoots are always fun. By involving the element of nature, the art of portraiture can be taken to an altogether new level. We, at Candid Red, offer incredible outdoor photography that not only captures the beautiful world outside in its truest sense but, at the same time, does complete justice to your photoshoot.

We are inspired by the world and always find beauty in our surroundings. Hence, we try to mix that tranquility and splendor of the nature with your distinctive personality and create beautifully lit images. We strongly hold that natural light and a relaxed atmosphere is the best backdrop for any photography.

Our designated parks are the ideal setting to capture an extensive variety of family photography sessions including newborns, maternity, seniors and even wedding photoshoots.

Outdoor wedding photoshoots capturing the beauty of historical landmarks with the whimsical and romantic elements of nature always make for a fun and cheerful session. Natural light, amazing backdrops combined with the couple’s love and smile makes for flawless couple portraiture.

Our Outdoor Photoshoots

We are extremely passionate about using natural light to create soft, delightful and light-filled images. Our signature look is fresh and natural portraits set against an impeccable backdrop and soft light filtering through the trees. We are totally obsessed with flowers and grassy meadows for family and kids sessions. Also in winters, we know about some lovely locations with soft enchanted light. Our grail is to create artistic and outstanding portraits that you can treasure for the rest of your life.

If there is anything specific that you want us to capture, such as a particular pose, feel free to let us know about it. You can also carry your own props in order to personalize your photography session. Also, in case the weather on the scheduled day doesn’t cooperate, we will move to a covered area of the park or even reschedule your session, if needed.

Best Outdoor Photography
Outdoor photoshoots

Our Outdoor Photography Process

We begin with selecting an appropriate location. A location that has an interesting background, but at the same time, isn’t too much distracting. We usually prefer a natural landscape in a field or perhaps a wooded area.

We then interact with the landscape by picking up the right spot which receives the best light.

Moving on, we try to apprehend your requirements. Also, we will never make you do any awkward poses or make you look any less cheerful. We try to capture you in the truest form with the facial expressions that come naturally.

We take a lot of pictures- a close up, one from the far or high above, from the ground looking up, etc. We make sure that you do not get stuck in a spell of monotonous, repetitive, unoriginal photographs.

Finally, we go through an editing process to provide you with the most beautiful captures of the session. We strive to make every photograph profoundly natural that reflects your style in the most humble and realest manner.

Why Choose Us?

Amidst the flowery farms or set against a stunning architectural landmark, we will capture your special moments with a creative flair and timeless style. Our immense love for the nature and an ability to find the extraordinary in each day helps us to create amazing portraits that are both authentic and real.

We greatly prefer outside photography over the studio ones as the soft natural light and colors in the environment that reflect in each image hugely increases its beauty. We have a committed team of professional photographers who will choose the best locations for you, depending upon your requirements and type of occasion.

Having worked on an extensive range of projects has helped us ameliorate the process and develop our unique and distinguished photography style. We are renowned for offering the best outdoor photography Chennai at the most affordable prices. Our range of packages is especially tailored keeping in mind the exact needs of our clients. Additionally, you can opt for a personalized package that closely matches your requirements.